Sunday, 15 January 2012

DIY Ankle Cuffs.

Here is my DIY ankle cuffs.

You will need:
 Unfinished Raw Brass Cuffs, get them here.
Chain, I opted for gold.
2 loop connectors.
A clasp. 

Drill a hole in each side of the cuff. 
Measure your chain for the back, I made mine a bit longer then the back half of my ankle as I wanted the chain to hang a little. Cut to size using jewellery wire cutters.
Using jewellery pliers (or small normal pliers) bend open the two loop connectors, put them through the drill holes.
Then loop one end of your chain onto one loop connector and close. 
On the other end of the chain using the pliers again to open the chain loop, connect your clasp.
And your done!

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  1. stunning DIY, outfit and boots!

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